Top 10 AI Tools Available Today That Can Boost Your Productivity

Top 10 AI Tools  for productivity
Top 10 AI Tools for productivity

AI tools help you achieve your targets we are now at a time when artificial intelligence stands to do many jobs better and more efficiently due to the lack of human error it’s not just content creation AI can find use in a ton of scenarios let us go through some of the Top 10 AI tools available today that can boost your productivity.

Chat GPT

Chat GPT at number one Openai has Unveiled Chat GPT a Powerful New Chatbot that uses an Improved Version of its AI technology to Converse in plain English While you has existed for a while this model has reached a critical point it is beneficial for a broad range of activities from developing software to generating company ideas to composing a wedding toast while prior iterations of the program could potentially execute these tasks the output quality was far worse than that of a typical person since its debut Twitter has been bombarded with people using it for unusual and bizarre purposes such as creating weight loss strategies and children’s novels and providing instructions on retrieving a peanut butter sandwich from a VCR it seems chat GPT will serve as an important Monument for Artificial Intelligence.


DALL·E 2 is the latest groundbreaking text to picture generator from Openai is called to only do it enables users to produce visuals in response to text cues users can use this generator to transform the imaginative thoughts into like Graphics. AI is taught by a deep learning how to make text to image associations which the model later uses to recreate the relevant images.


This can be used on your phone or computer and what this AI does is fuses two pictures almost perfectly so imagine taking two pictures and mixing them together to get one really unique and amazing picture to do this in ostagram all you got to do is upload your main image the one which style you’d like to change it really doesn’t matter how complicated or simple the picture is but then it’s time to choose a style they have a bunch of pre-loaded style to choose from or you can actually choose your own so I went for a super cool colorful gradient of lines very abstract but again this can be a picture of literally anything then it’s time to process the image which can take a while if you’re on a free account but after a few seconds check it out here are the amazing results I mean the AI does such a good job and you guys can go absolutely crazy with this like you can even mix up your photo with a spaghetti picture and the results turn out really surprisingly accurate it is just so cool to me that with AI you can take one photo and almost perfectly influenced it with another photo

Jasper AI

Jasper with the growth of AI everything it’s only a matter of time until AI is utilized to produce content for your blog social networks websites and other platforms. Jasper AI formerly known as Jarvis is a low cost service that generates original materials such as blog entries for you it’s simple enough for almost anyone to use all you have to do is enter general information about what you want to address and the AI will do the rest providing over 50 templates. Jasper can handle a significant amount of the heavy lifting for topics that are often written about the AI can provide a solid foundation of information to which you can subsequently add your own unique Insight number.


Durable helps create sample websites in under 30 seconds for people starting a new business or who are generally not well versed in web development just choose the type of business, you are running and the name of your company to get sample designs made immediately from spaces assigned to customer reviews to buttons allotted for social media profiles durables ensures the websites match the latest trends in web development you can restyle the colors and headings or sign up to further customize the website based on your requirements.

Deep Nostalgia

Deep Nostalgia is an online tool developed by a company called My heritage and can animate faces from old pictures my Heritage license this unique technology for animating photographs from did which is a firm specializing in video reconstruction using deep learning My heritage uses technology to animate the faces in Old images and generate high quality lifelike video footage the tool Works equally well for black and white pictures and photographs taken in color so needless to say the results are pretty astonishing and can be quite moving

Trevor AI

Trevor AI is a daily planning program that leverages intelligent time blocking to connect your list of activities and calendar it supports integration and two-way sync with services like Google Calendar and to do list taking control of how you spend your time based on schedules and time frames it helps plan your habits and work life to create a streamlined approach to your day using artificial intelligence this helps helps you focus on the individual task rather than worrying about cramming your busy schedule into the entire day at number


Tabnine analyzes and recommends your next blocks of code based on the context and syntax get lengthy accurate and creative code completions to become a more efficient. Developer cabinet AI completions may be executed on a developer’s laptop behind a firewall or even on the cloud it recommends code completions based on your coding Tendencies. It supports the most common languages such as JavaScript Python and typescript and even more Niche languages, such as rust, go and Bash irrespective of what your Tech stack looks like tabnine will boost your speed.

Thing translator

We have the thing translator this tool allows users to point their camera at an object and hear the translation in a different language using the cloud Vision API and the translate API of Google the translator serves as a godson for foreign Travelers or just people trying to learn a new language with both the Google API set to develop up even more over time expect the thing translator to become more helpful.

Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser by Magic Studio Magic Eraser Removes Unwanted images from your pictures using Artificial Intelligence, it can decipher the backgrounds and remove unnecessary elements out of a picture beat unwanted Birds on landscape shots or branding on social media posts select the element to be removed using the Eraser and let the Tool Work its magic.

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